Christians have been charge on the need to go into politics and good governance in order for God to use them to turn the situation of the country for the better. That as children of God, taking the work of God seriously as well as politics and good governance will yield the desired reward.

The charge was given by the Delta State Deputy Governor, Barr Kingsley Otuaro during a one year Anniversary/Church Building dedication of Grace Worship Center, Ekete, Udu local government area, Delta State.

Barr. Otuaro stated that as children of God it is most important to be involved in the political administration and governance of the country instead of seating in silence for our lives and activities to be determined by those who do not understand the import and benefits of serving God.

The state deputy governor who lauded the leadership and members of the church for setting up a building to the glory of God avowed that as Christians and worshippers of God, we don’t have the ability to choose ourselves for the work of God rather it is God that chooses us to do his work.

The state deputy governor averred that those who do big and mighty things in the house of God believes in the resultant effect which they know is proportionate to the reward they will receive. He added that the measure of one’s contribution is proportionate to what one will receive at the end and sometimes even greater.

Otuaro expressed dismay that those who worship other gods are religiously inclined and glue to their belief that they do anything and commit havoc with the satisfaction that they will be rewarded by their god at the end because of their firm beliefs and obedience to its worship yet true Christians and children of God finds it difficult to do things for God and render quality service to him with their substance.

He enjoined christians to do faithfully, whatever they are asked to do by God, averring that sometimes we may not understand what we are commanded to do but as we begin to grow in it we will begin to understand and come to terms with what God has asked us to do.

He added that one sure way of serving God is by parting with we our treasure when commended by God to do so, saying that when you begin to work in the context of God’s vision things will begin to work for you. According to him; “As born-again Christian, inspite of your situation or status, God values you more than above one billion presidents who are not in Christ". Barr. Otuaro stated.